The word is spreading, work continues

Last week we went to the dive shop to buy some new scuba gear. We needed new wet suits since our last pair were 8 years old and somehow shrunk a bit in that time. While we were there, I got a call from a local paper that wanted to do a story on Tahina Expedition. They asked if they could send a photographer to take some pictures while we were at the dive shop. I haven’t seen the photos yet (the article hasn’t been published), but I was wandering around the store in a wet suit looking at various items with Karen while he took photos. Oh joy! The paper sent a journalist over to interview us on Friday. Unfortunately, Karen was not feeling well, so the journalist only heard my perspective on the trip. But, he certainly got an earful of all the plans we have for the expedition!

Foghorn screenshot of article on Tahina ExpeditionMeanwhile, the Cape Fear Power Squadron, which invited Frank to speak to their organization last month, has written a couple articles about the talk in their Foghorn newsletter. You can view the newsletter here (PDF). They plan to do a vessel safety check on Tahina before we depart to make sure we have all the proper safety equipment in order.

We also have an interview with another media company in the Raleigh area later this week, and more announcements of partnerships will be coming out soon as well.

Meanwhile Karen and I went back to the boat this weekend. We needed to organize the many items we’ve been gradually taking down to the boat during the past several months and storing in various nooks and crannies inside Tahina. So, we basically pulled out everything, organized, and then tried to figure out more permanent locations.

Frank cleaning lockersNext weekend, we are having a bon voyage party and boat tours for a few of our friends from Raleigh and new friends at the marina. Not everyone has seen the boat in person, and certainly not since we added all our belongings and decorations to the boat. The party has given us a deadline to get the boat cleaned up. So, after organizing everything, we have been working on cleaning up the boat inside and out. We made a lot of progress on both areas over the weekend, and hope to get most of it done by Tuesday. The hardest task is waxing all the top sides. Most of the areas are covered in non-slick which doesn’t need waxing. So, you would think there’s not much to do – wrong! 🙂
Today we have a “boat doctor” coming by (that’s what he calls himself) to work on the repair to the trampoline slides (both sides have to be repaired). It will be good to have that task out of the way, and the builder has agreed to pay for the work.

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2 Responses to The word is spreading, work continues

  1. Susan says:

    Exactly what day are you planning to set sail?

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    We are still shooting for the end of October or early November. Many things left on the checklist, but we’re plodding along working them off one by one. When the essential ones are done, we then start waiting for a good weather window to Bermuda. It may take several days to get the right conditions. A golden rule of sailing: never rush the departure – wait until the ship is ready to sail, and the weather is right.

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