360 Panoramas of St. Martin

Before we left St. Martin I made sure to take a couple of 360 panoramas. I had hoped to do a kite aerial photo shooting as well, but the winds weren’t strong enough on that day. Thanks to a lot of help from Jeffrey Martin of 360Cities.net, I managed to learn enough about the software enough to process them myself. The two photos can be viewed below.

First, I took a photo from the end of the dinghy dock at Marigot Bay next to the ferry dock. From here you can see the locals selling their clothing to visiting cruise ship tourists, the ferry and dock, the fort up on the hill, the surrounding moutains, part of the town, the large Marina Fort St. Louis (with megayachts), and the anchorage of Marigot Bay. Tahina is centered in the initial shot at anchor (you can zoom in and just make out Tahina).

Marigot Bay, St. Martin

The second photo was taken from next to the Capitainerie office of the Marina Port Royale which is a few blocks away from Marigot. You can only take your boat to this marina by entering Simpson Bay. As you can see, the mini-harbor here is sourrounded by restaurants and shops. At night the shops are lit with neon signs and its a great place to eat. We got our Internet from Royal Snack in the furthest corner (not visible in the shade). The Capitainerie is the best place to clean in and out of customs.

Marina Port La Royale, St. Martin
I’ll write a post later on how I process the 360 photos.

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2 Responses to 360 Panoramas of St. Martin

  1. Mirko says:

    The man in the mirror 🙂
    Nice Photos so far!
    Good luck for Karen and you.
    Mirko (from Germany).

  2. nanag says:

    HOW beautiful the pictures turned out. It is amazing how you can take panaramic views of the sights you see, it almost seems like we are there with you!

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