50 Feet on the Waterline, Nicely Making Way

The first day out was a bit topsy turvy at sea. It started out fine at the crack of dawn with blustery wind, but mostly calm seas. The seas were calm near shore because the winds were coming from offshore. Once we got out further, the seas gradually built and the motion of the ocean was interesting. We ended up with seas as high at 12-15 feet during the night.

The funny thing is that for the first time, I managed to get seasick. Not only that, but our crewmember Wilson also came down with the bug. Meanwhile, my mild-mannered wife was doing just fine and held up her title as Admiral, well admirably. Fortunately, Wilson and I still managed to hold down our watches during the night (just not our cookies).

Today, Wilson and I are both feeling much better. And the weather dawned with partly cloudy skies and diminishing seas. Our wind dropped only a little, so we’re still making good speed along our route. With everyone feeling good, the boat running well, and the sailing good, I can’t help but hear that Crosby, Stills and Nash song “Southern Cross”.

Current forecast has us arriving in St. Martin by Friday.

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5 Responses to 50 Feet on the Waterline, Nicely Making Way

  1. Chris Kilpack says:

    Happy sailing!

  2. Philip says:

    Sounds like it’s time to stock up on some ginger beer as soon as you find a convenient supplier in the caribbean. [For the occasional sea sickness as well as just for enjoyment.]

  3. John Benson says:

    Thank you again for your warm greeting last week. I very much enjoyed meeting you both and look forward to following your blogs…etc.
    I look forward to your first reports next year as you report from your night watches of the rising of the South Cross.
    Fair winds

  4. nanag says:

    Karen, Good for you!!! You can live on your new title for a long while! Couldn’t get on your website all day yesterday…now I know the reason.

  5. jpwade says:

    Le Bon Taun Roulle! “Let the Good Times Roll”.
    12+ waves, what a Blast! Try sardeens, they are great for a pitching stomach. Ha!

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