About the weekend, leaving St. Barts for Nevis, photos added

Baie St. Jean, St. Barts from Eden RockOn Saturday we moved to Baie St. Jean which is the bay next to the airport. We anchored outside the bay near some cliffs with houses littering its sides. A beautiful location only good for anchoring when the winds are coming from the south. There’s a famous restaurant/hotel on a rock called Eden Rock which is sticking into the bay right off the beach. We took a walk on shore by taking our dinghy to the beach. We checked out the restaurants and made a reservation at Nikki’s on the beach. We also did some shopping and had a snack at a bakery.

On the way back, as we were putting the dinghy back in the water, Karen slipped while trying to get in the dinghy. Thankfully, all that happened is she got her clothes wet and sandy, and laughed. When we got back to Tahina, we decided to take a swim to cool off. I wanted to check the anchor so I put on fins and mask. It turns out our anchor chain had wrapped on a rock at about 30 feet. Although I could free dive that deep, I couldn’t stay long enough to move the big chain off the rock. So, I went up and got scuba gear to fix it. After getting the chain off, I decided it would be easy to move the anchor over a few feet away from the rock. It took about 10 minutes, but I finally got it moved.

We took showers and went ashore at 7 PM for dinner. The prices were high (especially since it was in Euros), but the food was excellent. After dinner we started up the generator and took care of some Internet (courtesy of nearby WIFI), did some laundry, and watched a movie.

The next day, we moved Tahina from Baie St. Jean back to Anse Columbier. After we arrived, we prepared for a hike over to Anse Flamandes – a beautiful beach about a mile away via a hike on the side of some hills with desert-like vegetation. We had done the same hike back in 2003 when we last visited here. We had an excellent time on the hike, and were rewarded with a nice swim at the beach. I took some 360 panoramas along the way.

Here are some photos of our passage to and visit to St. Barts:

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Back at Columbier, we did some swimming and snorkeling. Then did some planning for our trip to Nevis. The shortest distance from there to Nevis is about 54 nm. However, we will probably need to tack at least once – which will add a few miles. This means it could be a 10 hour trip. So, we’re getting an early start.

Today we’re leaving St. Barts and sailing to Nevis. I’m clearing out of St. Barts (and making two blog posts). I’m using our dinghy “Coconut” to motor over to Gustavia from Anse Columbier and back. I’ll try to do a tweet or two on the way over. And will update our position once we arrive. We’ll see whether Internet is available in the anchorage after we arrive.

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