GPS Track of St. Martin Passage

I’ve now processed the GPS track data for our passage from Carolina Beach, North Carolina to St. Martin which we completed last Saturday. You can see photos from the passage here and here. It took us a little over 7 days to complete the passage. You can view it best by loading this KML file in Google Earth.

Passage to St. Martin GPS Track

For those wondering how I processed the track, I used three applications: 1) Garmin’s RoadTrip software for the Mac to output the GPS track files in GPX format; 2) GPSBabel to simplify the thousands of track points down to 300 points; and 3) which is a free service and has an excellent interface for creating Google Earth kml files from GPS tracks (NOTE: GPSVisualizer uses GPSbabel and can simplify points, but my file size was too large for it to handle until I simplified the tracks).

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  1. Ned Prince says:

    Hey guys, Congrats on the so-far so-good trip. Pictures are awesome and can’t wait to see more. You all are nuts and I wish I could be there. Have a good turkey day and be safe.
    PS: Now you know how Tom Hanks felt when he lost Wilson 🙂

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