Second Batch of Photos, Unproductive day

Here’s another set of photos from our passage to St. Martin. Here you will find photos of how rough the seas looked when we left the Carolinas and crossed the Gulf Stream. You’ll also see how later the weather gradually improved, we flew our spinnaker sail, how glassy smooth the seas became, our catch of a Mahi Mahi, and more.

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Yesterday, we did accomplish several tasks: did some grocery shopping, laundry, and we moved Tahina closer to the town to improve WIFI reception. However, I wasted several hours trying to get a good connection on the WIFI. I had signed up for a shore-based WIFI provider. But, apparently there was some router confusion between two partner WIFI providers. I had assumed for a while it was something wrong with my new network set up. The result was I couldn’t get in to the WIFI I paid for, and my network looked like it was messed up. Anyway, this morning it magically worked again. Grrrr.

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