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Yesterday we did some shopping on both the french and dutch sides of the island (St. Martin on the french side, Sint Maarten on the dutch side). I ordered some items from a chandlery (marine store) online, and went to pick it up. And we went to two grocery stores to re-provision. It’s always an interesting experience shopping for groceries in foreign places, and the prices are definitely higher than we’re accustomed. But, you always discover new foods, fruits, vegetables, and drinks. And, you can meet interesting people.

At the chandlery – IslandWaterWorld – they had our package ready, and I also bought a lure to begin the process of replacing some lost during the fishing on the trip over. We walked about 1.5 miles to the huge grocery store and did our shopping there. It was raining when we were about to leave, so we asked about calling a taxi. Instead, they had a driver from the grocery store take us back to where our dinghy was parked. That was convenient! You wouldn’t believe the amount of road traffic here. An amazing amount of cars are here in St. Martin.

We found that the movie theater we were so fond of last time we were in Sint Maarten was converted into a casino. But, a couple blocks away we saw there was a new 7 theater “megaplex” now open.

Last night I wrote a complaint E-mail to the company which provided the WIFI service I purchased a few days ago. This morning, I woke up to much better WIFI service and have been taking care of all kinds of online business. Yay! We were going to move to another anchorage, but I think we’ll stay the day now. I’m planning to take some 360 panoramas today, and may have time to process them. If winds pick up, I may try to do a kite aerial photo shoot as well.

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  1. Tad Prince says:

    Hey Frank,
    Good to see that you have gotten underway for your 5 year adventure. Will jealously watch your progression.
    I remember coming into St. Maarten to land on the Falcon 900 about four years ago over the New Year holiday. Final is about 50 yards from the beach and you feel like you might hit a few of the taller tourists in the head with your landing gear. Pretty sporty!
    It is a lovely island, but I didn’t see too much of it, as I got some bad catering from Nice where we departed for St. Maarten. I spent the next three days getting quite up close and personnel with my hotel bathroom and missed most of the sites the rest of my crew went to visit.
    Maybe next time…
    Greetings from a cold and wet Moscow.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Tad Prince

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