Update on Itinerary

An update on our near-term travel plans. But, first a quick update on where we are. We left St. Martin on Thursday and had a wonderful sail to St. Barts. We stopped at Anse Columbier for the night, then on Friday moved to the capital – Gustavia. There we entered customs, shopped, and got some Internet time.

Yesterday we ended up making arrangements for our daughters to join us during the Christmas holidays. They will be flying into St. Lucia, so we will need to be there to pick them up.

We’re currently in St. Barts (or St. Barths) and plan to leave on Monday. Currently our planned stops are: Nevis, Montserrat*, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and then St. Lucia. Here’s a map with a rough outline of the route.

View Route plan thru Dec 09 in a larger map

We’ll probably spend about 4-5 days in each location (counting sailing days) until we get to St. Lucia.

Also, yesterday we moved to Baie St. Jean on the north side of St. Barts. Its not normally a good anchorage, but the winds were right. So, we moved over. We went to a restaurant on the nearby beach for dinner. Also, upon arrival we watched a couple dozen plane landings and takeoffs from one of the scariest little runways in the Caribbean (here in St. Barts). It has a mountain on one end of the runway. And another mountain less than half a mile from the end of the other side of the runway, which ends right on a beach of the bay. Very crazy runway – only good for small planes.

* Looks like we may give Montserrat a pass this time. Current reports show the volcano is at a high level of activity. We will at least pass the island on the windward side (to avoid ash) and get some pictures of the changes.

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