360 Panoramas of St. Barts

While we were at St. Barts, I managed to take a couple of 360 panoramas. Ironically, considering we are in the Caribbean where there are normally strong trade winds, we have not had enough wind to fly the kites for aerial photography. The winds will be picking up soon though.

The two locations where I shot the 360 panoramas in St. Barts were Anse de Columbier and Anse des Flamandes. Each panorama involves taking 8 shots with a fish-eye wide-angle camera lens (six around in a circle, one looking up, and one looking down). I then use software to process the imagery and stitch them together into one spherical projection image. Finally, I upload the photo to 360Cities.net which hosts the largest collection of 360 panoramas. 360Cities also supports viewing the panoramas with Google Earth.

So, here is Anse de Columbier in St. Barts (I recommend choosing the “FULLSCREEN” option for the best experience):

Anse de Columbier, St. Barts

And here is the 360 panorama of Anse des Flamandes in St. Barts:

Anse des Flamandes, St. Barts

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3 Responses to 360 Panoramas of St. Barts

  1. Tim Parish says:

    “we have not had enough wind to fly the kites for aerial photography”
    No doubt you are aware of Dopero kites, which do an exceptional job in light winds 🙂
    Was impessed an intrigued by the panoramic views, have never seen that technology in action before. Spotted the shadow of the kite (I think!) but looked in vain for the flying line!
    Looking straight down, it seems your camera was only a few meters off the ground? 20 or 30?
    Hoping to do some KAP myself one day, this post was certainly inspirational.

  2. Stuart Taylor says:

    Wow – the 360 panoramas are great! Depth of field and resolution with the very wide angle lens is excellent. Nice subject matter, too. enjoyed them a lot, as I did the pictures on the way to Nevis. The sailfish pictures were a first for me with that particular fish. The red/pink skies – awesome. Keeping up with you regularly – stay safe!

  3. Frank Taylor says:

    @Tim: the panoramas were not done with kites. That’s just on a tripod. And, I have a Dopero also.
    @Dad: Glad you like them. I’ll be doing 360s regularly I hope.

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