Enjoying Iles des Saintes

Iles des Saintes from the anchorageWe’ve been enjoying Iles des Saintes the last few days. We’ve visited Fort Napoleon, rented a scooter and drove all over Terre de Haute (the main island here), enjoyed the restaurants, met a couple from the US who are also cruising (on s/v Northfork), gone to the beaches, and spending some time on the Internet.

I’ve been working on improving our ability to process movies we’ve captured. I’m getting closer to a process that will work and hope to upload a couple of video clips soon. Sorry for the delay, but I want a process that works well and doesn’t require too much bandwidth once completed. And, the underwater videos take a little extra manipulation to get looking right. Lots to do, and too many beautiful distractions!

We will probably leave on Monday to move Tahina down to Martinique. It seems like we’re doing a lot of French Islands during this leg of our trip. We did go to Nevis, and our next stops after Martinique will be St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada (all British West Indies islands).

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