Guadeloupe is next

Just a post to let those of you following know that we are leaving today for Guadeloupe. We’ll be passing the active volcano on Montserrat on the way. Originally we thought about visiting Montserrat again, like we did in 2003, but because the volcano has been very active we’ve decided to just sail by instead. Because of the prevailing winds (and the chance of ash fall from the volcano), we’ll pass on the North and East sides of Montserrat.

We’ll be sailing all day, and our first stop in Guadeloupe may not have Internet. So, you may only see updates on our position on the Tahina Maps page, or if you follow our Twitter @GoTahina, see some updates there.

Also, yesterday we spent some time doing provisioning, and taking some 360 panoramas. I had planned to do some kite photos as well, but the first location I went to didn’t have enough wind. By the time we got to another location (Oualie Beach), I realized we were out of time (too bad, there was plenty of wind there). I needed to go to customs to clear out for our early morning departure. We did take a 360 at that location though.

We got cleared out and the weather looks fine for today. Winds between 15-20 knots along our route. Chance of showers 20%. Typical for down here. We’ll be pulling into Pigeon Island in Guadeloupe which is home to the Jacques Coustea Marine Park. We plan on doing some diving, and using the ROV there.

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