Hanging out on a Megayacht, The Reef – Photos

S/Y Antara at Vieux Fort, St. LuciaOn Monday, we decided to go back to the beach Karen and I visited briefly on Sunday near the airport. The beach is east of Vieux Fort and is a really nice beach thanks to the protection of a reef and two islands further east. In fact, the beach is a popular hang out for wind and kite surfers. There’s a nice surf shop, bar and restaurant called “The Reef” there. And, they have free WIFI! We were in heaven there.

So, we took Ren over and hung out a good portion of the day there. While we were there, I managed to wear myself out trying to windsurf for the second time in 10 years. For some reason I could only surf in one direction. Usually I’m quite ambidextrous, but for some reason I couldn’t surf on a starboard tack. Weird! Several bruises, scratches and burns later – after two hours – I had to head in.

Meanwhile, we met a few young men at the hangout who were having some beach time while waiting for their yacht to be moved to Vieux Fort. I asked them, how big is your yacht? “Oh, it’s just about 50 meters.” Wow! When we told them we had a much smaller catamaran, they were nice enough to say: “A catamaran! We love catamarans!”. Nonetheless, they invited us to come see their “little” boat which is called S/Y Antara (see their web site http://syantara.com ). Their father, who owns the boat, sometimes charters out the megayacht, so they have a nice web site.

We were very impressed with Antara when we got to the anchorage. Chris, one of the two sons we met at the Reef – whose father owns the boat, is a surfer and had the crew pull him around the anchorage with their dinghy. It was like knee-boarding only with a surf board.

Later that evening we went over and were invited aboard Antara. I took over some photos I took of Chris while he was surfing and gave them copies. Antara is a beautiful boat with a crew of 8, and very nice owners. We enjoyed a few drinks and chips and I got to talk to their skipper who has had an interesting sailing career and is quite a friendly chap. They have a large jacuzzi and built-in BBQ grill on top. The sails are deployed automatically, but the boat isn’t too fancy with the navigation electronics. When it got dark, the lighting on the boat was amazing. They had lights underwater lighting 20 meters on every side. Check out the night shot I took of Antara from Tahina along with other photos of The Reef, the beach, and our anchorage at Vieux Fort:

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The next day, was occupied with doing some shopping, catching up on Internet, and picking up our othe daughter at the airport. Once we had Patricia at the boat, we immediately set about raising anchor. We decided we would make an evening run back up to the north side of the island to Rodney Bay. We had a nice sail up the coast with a waxing near-quarter moon to help light the way. The winds were light, but we still averaged better than 7 knots under sail. We arrived about 11 PM and carefully eased our way into the busy anchorage and dropped our hook.

It’s Wednesday now and we plan to do some Christmas shopping and may later move back to Martinique.

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