Now in St. Lucia, 360 Panorama of Iles Des Saintes

Today we sailed from Martinique to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. We had a great sail even if it was only 25 nautical miles. We completed the trip in under 4 hours despite having to stay close-reached the entire way. We sailed right to the southern edge of Rodney Bay, and lowered our sails as we motored in. Then we dropped the hook a few moments later near the entry canal to the marinas.

Along the way, we caught up and passed another catamaran as well as two mono-hulls. The other catamaran (with a French flag – sorry Gerard!), neglected to go tight enough into the wind and so we had a better angle on the wind. He also dropped his sails and motored the last 3 miles or so – not realizing I guess that the winds would bend around the island.

We cleared customs an hour or so later. There was a ton of people in the customs office because there is apparently a yacht race and many sailors from Martinique were entering the country today for the weekend race.

I finally managed to upload a panorama I took while we were in Iles Des Saintes. This 360 panorama was taken near the top of the hill which has Fort Napoleon on the top (yes, that Napoleon).

Iles Des Saints, Guadeloupe in World

View the full screen mode to see the panorama in better detail. You can also zoom in and out with SHIFT and CTRL keys.

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