The Pitons

The Pitons, St. LuciaThe Pitons are an amazing pair of volcanic mountains that sit on the SW edge of St. Lucia. Each mountain has huge steep cliffs jutting straight out of the water and ascending hundreds of feet to their tops. They are a trademark symbol of St. Lucia and the area is a World Heritage site. Around the peaks is a marine park, and you have to pay extra fees to moor here. Anchoring is not permitted.

We spent two nights in the area parking first near Soufriere Town on the north side of the northern peak, and the second night in between the two Pitons. Arriving late morning on Christmas Eve, we first had to moor. In the location we picked, we had to first tie the moor on our bow, and then take a line ashore. Some locals in a boat came to help (for a fee of course), and soon had us tied off.

Since it was near lunchtime, we went to a little restaurant called Harmony Beach Bar and Grill. They weren’t quite ready to be open yet, but let us get comfortable sitting on their veranda. What a beautiful view we had!

We had a nice lunch and were talking about what we wanted to do. We spoke with the woman serving us – who was the wife of the owner. We decided we would go horseback riding on Christmas Day. We had also wanted to try a zip line through the rainforest, but it turns out it was a long taxi ride from the Pitons. Since Patricia wanted to do the horseback riding the most, we decided we would split up the two activities. I would go with Patricia, and Karen would later do the zip line with Catherine.

Here are some photos of The Pitons and our activities including shots from snorkeling:

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On Christmas Day, the son of the restaurant owner came by to pick us up, and then drove us up to a plantation house a mile or so up the very steep and curvy roads behind the northern Piton. The plantation had gardened grounds with flowers and beautiful trees. It was a sight in itself. But, we were soon at the horse stables. We had a delightful two hour ride through the rainforest and over near a volcano. As we returned to the plantation, our guide took us to see how they processed sugar cane, cocoa beans, and coconuts in decades past. We had a great time, and you can see the incredible sights from our horsebacking here:

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  1. nanag says:

    How happy you all look. I believe that Frank looks the most relaxed I have seen. Patricia I am so glad that you got to go riding again. I remember so well the fun you and Catherine had when you were young and taking lessons.

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