Almost Paradise – The Grenadines

Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesThe southern Grenadines are home to some of the most idealic Caribbean scenery you can find. The highlight area is the Tobago Cays. A set of small islands with white sand beaches protected by a giant horseshoe reef. There’s nothing between you and the Atlantic except the barrier reef. You’re anchored in bright turqouise shallow waters, can watch the sunrise right off the ocean, and sunsets over islands to the east. You can easily swim to nearby smaller reefs and see many fish, eels, corals, and crustaceans. One of the islands has a protected area as a sanctuary to sea turtles. Swim in there and you’re almost guaranteed to see a few sea turtles swimming around.

There can be anywhere from a handful to dozens of boats anchored or moored at the Tobago Cays. And, during the day, several boat boys ply the waters with their boats offering ice, fresh bread, lobsters, fish, t-shirts, and will take orders for other daily needs. There is a $10 EC per person park fee to stay here per night. A fee well worth paying to keep this area pristine.

You can also travel to any of the little islands and enjoy a beach, or walk around on the trails and see birds, lizards, iguanas, and other desert island critters. We saw a 4 foot long iguana on one of the islands!

Make sure you check out just a sample of photos from this beautiful island paradise:

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If you want more seclusion, you can move to another island nearby like the beautiful Petite Tabac. Petite Tabac was the same island used in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie when Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth were stranded and she lit his pile of rum as a fire signal. Fortunately they only simulated the burning of the trees, because the beautiful coconut trees are still there. We’ll have pictures of this place up close soon. You can also go to several secluded anchorages at Mayreau, Union Island, or Palm island – all within a few miles of each other. Union Island has a sizable poulation, an airport, customs and immigration, grocery stores, Internet, and more.

So, within a few miles, you can see some of the most beautiful scenery, anchor near fantastic reefs, get provisions if you need them, conduct any number of water sports that strike your fancy, or just relax at peace away from everyone.

It truly is almost paradise!

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  1. Jan Warm says:

    Frank, that were some absolutely gorgeous shots! Not only are you guys professional sailors, but photographers as well! Hope you are enjoying and exploring every special moment! It is absolutely freezing here; going down to 18 tonight. Be well, I promise an e-mail really soon. Things have been in fast forward for the last few weeks.
    J & J

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