Coincidental Rendezvous

Shot from Tahina's mast of Prickly Bay, Grenada anchorageYesterday when I posted the photos I took while up Tahina’s mast showing boats in the anchorage, I had no idea it would result in our meeting more cruisers in one day than we’ve met the entire trip so far. One of our regular readers is a guy who sailed 27,000 miles starting in the US, only to stop in Turkey a year or so ago. Chris and his wife KT, on s/v Billabong, had decided to stop their journey on the seas to start a bigger family. Now happily parents of a baby boy, they still keep in touch with the sea by living vicariously through other sailors on the web.

When I posted the photos of the anchorage here in Prickly Bay, Grenada yesterday, Chris stared closely at the boats. He knew some boats he had traveled with before might be in the anchorage. He suspected two of the boats near ours were ones he had traveled with and quickly sent me an E-mail. I pulled out the binoculars to check the names, and it turned out he was right in both cases! One of the boats, a Canadian flagged mono-hull called Ascension, had their dinghy parked behind, so we assumed they were home. So, Karen and I jumped in ours and went over to greet them. I first made a quick copy of the photos onto a USB stick.

You can imagine their surprise when I explained how we had taken pictures on Sunday and posted them on our blog, only to have Chris spot them in the photo! We were instantly invited aboard and began introducing ourselves to one another. We learned they had traveled extensively with Billabong from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, all the way to Turkey. Ascension also has an extensive web site documenting their travels. They were thrilled to get pictures of their boat off the USB stick.

The coincidences got even more uncanny though. Earlier in the morning I had gone to the boatyard to talk to a mechanic about making some bars to cover our two large hatches used for ventilation located between our bows. There have been reports of burglars climbing in through hatches. The mechanic said it was a big coincidence I came in, because I was the second person that day to ask for that. He had not had anyone ask for them in 6 months. Well, can you guess who the other boat was? Yep, Ascension! And we somehow managed to meet them within 2 hours of learning from the mechanic (without his telling us who it was).

The next coincidence was also fateful. Ascension told us there was a meet up going on at a nearby beach in the evening to meet other cruisers in the anchorage. So, at 5:30 we took the dinghy to the beach and got to meet a bunch of cruisers – including those on Djarrka – the other boat Chris recognized. Most of the other boaters were world travelers who have already gone most or all the way around. I was nearly overwhelmed with offers for useful information about our upcoming destinations. And, there was a lot of interest in what Tahina is doing with our web site and photography. Karen and I were both thrilled with getting to meet so many people who share our passion for the cruising life.

The only thing wrong with the day is that the furler never showed up at the marina. It never moved from the Fedex facility all day. One of our cruiser friends suggested it is most likely actually at customs waiting for us to go fill out paperwork and pick it up. Oh wonderful, I could have done that earlier in the day! So, first thing on Tuesday I’ll call FedEx and go over if needed.

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  1. Shirlee says:

    Funny that you posted this while I was staring at your photos looking for our friends Kathy and Greg on Indigo, a Cabo Rico 42. They were T-boned by another boat in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, and returned to Grenada for repairs. Although not world cruisers, they have lived all over the world and retired to Indigo in 2008. We met them in Key West and hung out with them in Fort Lauderdale before we crossed the Atlantic that year. They’ve been in the Caribbean the whole time, and we hope to catch up with them when we cross back next year. By the way, I couldn’t tell if I saw them or not.

  2. Ginny says:

    So glad you took those fab photos which provided the opportunity to meet you both. It’s amazing how the cruising network is so close knit sometimes! We will be sure to follow your journey and hope our wakes cross again.
    Fair winds, Ginny & Gord, Ascension

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