Good Time Ends with Sobering Moment

Bequia Admiralty Bay AnchorageOn Friday afternoon, two good things happened with deliveries: The pump part we’ve been waiting on for two weeks (a maintenance kit needed for our primary fresh water pump), finally arrived. Naturally, I had a very frustrating time disassembling the pump thanks to confusing instructions. But, the work was finally completed after 2.5 hours and we tried the pump: it worked! No leaks now. That was a big relief.

Meanwhile, the laptop finally arrived at customs here in Bequia late in the afternoon Friday. I went to sign for it, and found out they recommended getting a broker to fill out the paperwork. And, at 4PM it was too late to have it done. So, naturally we have to wait until Monday when they next open up. Oh goodie.

On Saturday, I decided to do some basic engine maintenance. Changing oils, fuel filters, checking belts, etc. I got about 50% of the work done on the two main engines. The generator still has to be done as well. One problem is that I need a new filter wrench. Couldn’t find the one I thought I brought, and I walked all over town trying to find one for sale. But, I was happy to get done what I did. Karen also got some tasks done as well.

So, we decided to go out for dinner. We went to the only good tex-mex mexican restaurant we’ve found in the Caribbean. A place called “Tommy’s Cantina” here in Bequia. Karen really liked the margarita she got when we last ate there, so we both ordered margaritas and a nice dinner. After dinner, we walked back to the dinghy and drove it to where we left Tahina anchored. Only, when we got there, there was no sign of Tahina! Oh my gosh…I drove around in a circle two or three times. Did we drag anchor?! Did someone steal it!? We had left the keys in the ignition. If someone stole it, they couldn’t have gotten far. But, finally, I started going in bigger circles and suddenly saw Tahina on the other side of a boat we had been near – right where we left her!

Well….I think that Margarita was a little bit strong for me. You have to understand we had been parked in the same spot for 5 days. And, I have a pretty strong sense of direction – normally. Now I know why I rarely drink strong drinks! 🙂
Today – Sunday – we took Tahina out for a sail. Although the furling unit is broken, it can still be deployed manually – but, we can’t reef it. But, the winds weren’t too strong today. We wanted to sail a few hours so we could make more fresh water with our water maker. We make about 15 gallons per hour. So, after our 5-hour sail we had added a good amount to our tanks. We also got some chores dones while we were sailing, but no fish were caught. As we were approaching Bequia, a local photographer was taking pictures of boats arriving. We’ll probably buy one or two of his photos.

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