Last Day in Bequia – Grenada Next

Bequia Admiralty Bay AnchorageTuesday was our last day in Bequia. It was a VERY productive day though! I spent a good portion of the day finishing set up on the new laptop. I had not backed up the windows partition on the old laptop. A foolish mistake for which yesterday’s work is only the beginning. But, I managed to get the most critical work done rebuilding the Windows side of the laptop (under Boot Camp). This was critical because several navigation related applications we have only run on Windows. In particular, our boat charting/navigation software called RayTech, and our radio e-mail software.

First the new laptop had to be backed up, and then I had to partition the drive, install Windows, update the software multiple times, then install the software, and test it with our boat systems. Although very time consuming, the process went remarkably smoothly and I was done by mid-afternoon.

Meanwhile, I was able to do engine maintenance on the generator includings: oil change, oil and fuel filter change, zinc anode replacement, and belt adjustment. That was a big relief as I was about 75 engine-hours overdue.

We got word from Profurl (who makes the furling unit which broke), that they had a new unit packaged and ready to go by FedEx to Grenada. So, it should arrive in a few days when we get to the main island. We’re having it sent to a marina near one of the main anchorages. Not sure what day its going to arrive yet though.

We got word our house has been shown several times during the past week. One person even looked twice. But, still no offer. Big news though: yesterday we finally had someone agree to buy my plane – it has been up for sale for 14 months. That’s a big relief! Lots of good memories in the plane though – *sniffle*.

It’s a shame we spent so much time here the last week, but hardly did any sightseeing. I had tried setting up a special dive to take the VideoRay out with a local dive shop. The hard part was identifying somewhere we could park Tahina near a dive site since we need somewhere with electrical power to drive the ROV. We also just got too busy to schedule it. The computer stuff took a lot of time as well.

We’re leaving today at 6 AM. Hence the early morning post. We’ll be headed to the northern-most island of Grenada called Carriacou. Not sure if they have Internet, so we may not report in for a couple of days.

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  1. Jack Minson says:

    Richard and I have been having fun this morning navigationg your website and following your progress. I am going to have my son Jack (3rd grade) tell his teacher about what you are doing and see if the class will follow your journey.
    Jack Minson

  2. SU says:

    I wish you happy sailing and many adventures. I will check in on your site now and than.

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