Move to Sandy Isle in Grenada

Lunch at Sandy Isle GrenadaI was awake well before dawn on Wednesday. First I wrote the blog post about our plans to leave for Grenada. I also wrote the post about the kite aerial photos, but had a technical problem with the superoverlay. Then I started preparing the boat for departure, and got Karen (reluctantly) up at 6 AM. We raised anchor and motored out away from the other boats before raising the mainsail (so we wouldn’t wake people up). Then we started sailing for the western point of Bequia before heading southwest toward Carriacou.

Our furler is broken, but it still turns. The drum just raises out of place on a tight reach. So, we can carefully deploy the full sail. We just can’t reef it (make it smaller) if the winds are too high. Fortunately, we were on a reach (wind behind or to the side) and so we were on pretty perfect conditions. Tahina was making 9-10 knots much of the 30 miles down to Carriacou. With an early morning sun, and heading south, we were in the shade at the helm. Always a pleasant thing. And the seas were less than 2 feet. Awesome!

The only things bad about the trip were that an errant wave rocked the boat and two of our dishes flew out of the drying cabinet and shattered on the floor, and water came through the galley portal and got on the floor and counter. We’re usually more careful.

To make things better, we had a pod of dolphin join us for a while and dance off our bows (check out the photos of them in the slideshow below). We dropped sails just before arriving at Hillsborough in Carriacou. The trip lasted about 4.5 hours. We took the dinghy ashore and cleared customs by noon. The only unusual thing were the two soldiers we saw carrying M16s. Security problems? Karen got some bakery items while I was doing customs.

We went back to Tahina and weighed anchor to move to the nearby island called Sandy Isle. This is a very picturesque island that earns its name with a beautiful white sand beach along the length of its eastern shore. There is beautiful turquoise water in the anchorage and we decided to stay for the night. Check out the pictures – including a few underwater shots when I went snorkeling. Unfortunately, the reef was damaged in a hurricane and most of the coral is dead or covered in sea grass. But, I was excited to see a small school of reef squid and got some close-up shots. We had a nice lunch and took a self portrait. And, check out the sunset!

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  1. Fred Burke says:

    That’s a good picture of you both. You look relaxed, tan, and very happy. The anchorage that the mono-hull had at Sandy Isle does look perfect. I also really like the shot of the school of reef squid swimming away from you, that was a good shot.
    I was talking with Andy about their upcoming trip down there, they are looking forward to the R&R (hopefully you will let him have some :-)).

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