New Laptop Finally on Board!

Bequia Admiralty Bay AnchorageYesterday was a major milestone. I finally cleared all the customs and delivery hurdles and got the new laptop on board Tahina! I need to give a special thanks to an anonymous benefactor who made a big contribution towards the new laptop. And, I want to thank my friend Andy who took delivery of the new laptop in the US and arranged to ship the computer to me here in Bequia. I’ll be thanking him again when he visits us in Aruba next month.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening getting the new laptop situated. My hats off to Apple and their migration tool which very quickly migrated all the backed up data from my old laptop to the new computer. The only problem I encountered is that one of the licensed software packages requires registering to the new laptop, and it won’t let me do that again without buying a secondary license. I also spent several hours downloading software updates on the slow Internet connection and getting them installed so the laptop is up to date.

Today I plan to build the boot camp partition on the laptop so I can install the navigation software on the laptop. Later I hope to retrieve the windows partiition on the old laptop (which I hadn’t backed up), but we need to remove the hardrive from the broken laptop first. We’ll also retrieve the 5 or 6 days of data I had put on the OSX side of the laptop which was not backed up – including some photos.

Meanwhile, the Profurl replacement furling part is finally being shipped to us today (I have a tracking number) from France. It will be going to a marina in Grenada which we’ll pick up in a few days. We plan to leave early tomorrow to move down to Grenada – first to the island Carriacou where we will clear into customs and do some snorkeling.

We have started buying some items we want my friend Andy to bring out with him when he flies out to Aruba to visit us. He may need to pay some extra baggage fees, but it will be worth it verses normal shipping costs.

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