New Plans for the Next Month

Bequia Admiralty Bay AnchorageAs mentioned in the last few posts, we’re spending some extra time in the Grenadines to await some shipments including a replacement laptop, and some pump parts. We also now need to wait either here or in Grenada for a new furling unit (an essential part to deploying our headsail) to replace ours that went bad a few days ago. We hope to leave for Grenada by the end of next week – although we may go earlier if the furling unit can’t get here until later than next week. In which case, we’d have to manual deploy our sail to get down there or just be a motor boat (not something I want to do!).

We had originally planned to go to Trinidad and Tobago after Grenada. But, based on input from several other boaters down here, we’ve decided not to go. The primary concerns are that Trinidad and Tobago has undergone a lot of change since Hurricane Ivan in 2004 struck Grenada and altered the boat insurance practices for hurricane season. Insurers no longer cover boats in Grenada. So, hundreds of boats suddenly moved south to Trinidad and Tobago causing a huge upswing in business. Then, when the economy plunged last year, hundreds of boats got left on the hard indefinitely there. This upset the economy enough (at least from a boating perspective) that the prices have skyrocketed, and the quality of work has dropped. Meanwhile, reports are that the main port of Trinidad is a real messy port with both water and air pollution that mucks up your boat. So, we’ve decided not to go there. We’ve also decided to not go to Venezuela due to deteriorating political conditions in that country.

So, we’re going to go straight from Grenada to the ABCs by early February. The ABCs are Aruba, Bonaire, and Curucao – part of the Netherland Antilles. My friend Andy and his wife are coming to stay on Tahina for a few days while we are in Aruba. We’re looking forward to sharing our wonderful new life with more of our friends. Part of the reason we got Tahina (with extra staterooms) is so we can have guests. We hope other friends will join us as we continue around the world.

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