Paradise Lost For 24 Hours

Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the GrenadinesOn Friday, I went out and did some snorkeling at Tobago Cays and took some underwater photos. Back at the boat, I realized this was turning into a perfect day without a cloud in the sky. I took some photos and video of the amazing scenery. I had just finished taking pictures and noticed another catamaran making a turn behind our boat looking for a spot to anchor. Suddenly, I realized it was a St. Francis catamarn just like ours! A quick look with the binoculars, and I saw it had the new hard-shell dodger I had read about in a forum, and I was not surprised that the name of the boat was “Bamboo”. The hard-shell dodger allows them to have glass windows you can open to let ventilation into the cockpit.

I hollered to Karen we had a sister ship in the bay, and she came up to look. We watched them anchor and then got some things together and took Coconut over to visit them. We drove up to Bamboo and said: “It’s not often we see another St. Francis 50 in the same anchorage.” Their eyes searched around as they said “Where?!”. We laughed and said they passed right behind us. Bill and Roxanne introduced themselves to us, and we were quickly making talk about our two boats. They had mentioned they were tired after a rough ride up from Grenada, so we made a graceful exit telling them we were headed to Union Island for a few hours.

Karen and I wanted to get some provisions and get some Internet to take care of home stuff, and get the post done I made that day. We then headed back to Tobago Cays. It was nearing sunset so we immediately dropped the dinghy again and headed to Bamboo to see if we could get together. They invited us aboard for drinks and a tour. We ended up staying well into the evening sharing stories about boats we’ve owned, and learning about the interesting customizations they had made to Bamboo. (My favorite is the built-in lazyboy chair in the salon, but there are many other nice features).

We got back to the boat and made a quick dinner. We knew we’d be trying to invite Bamboo over to our boat the next day, so we started cleaning up after dinner. But, before I could go to sleep, I was not feeling well. I tried going to the back of the boat to sit in the cool breeze. A few minutes later, I was leaning off the back of the boat emptying dinner into the water. Apparently there was some leftover I ate, that Karen did not, and it did not agree with my stomach. I was awake most of the night, and did not stop emptying the stomach until Saturday evening. Karen guitily admitted she kind of enjoyed the lack of typical activities and spent the day cleaning up the boat.

There’s good news though, Sunday morning I was feeling completely recovered. I ate a light breakfast, and took a shower – and felt like a million bucks. We decided we would move over to Petite Tabac and take some kite aerial photography, and we got some good photos! And, I did a 360 panorama there as well. So, lots of good stuff to share in upcoming posts.

We headed back to the main Tobago Cays anchorage mid-afternoon. We had made arrangements with Bamboo to have them over for dinner. So, Karen started prepping dinner (and an apple pie), and I did some cleaning and started processing the photos we took.

We had a very nice dinner with Bamboo Sunday night and talked a great deal about the cruising life. I showed them some of the photography we’ve been taking and the VideoRay ROV. They had sailed Bamboo from South Africa a few weeks earlier and ended up in Trinidad and then Grenada. Unfortunately, Bamboo plans to head north tomorrow as they have visitors coming to stay on their boat. So, we may not see them for some time to come. But, we said our aur revoirs and will certainly stay in touch via E-mails or SSB. The cruising life is sometimes like this – you’ll have a surprise meeting, make new friends, and – often too soon – have to part ways, but stay in touch by other means. If you’re lucky, you’ll run into them again in some later port and have new stories to tell and laugh about.

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