Photos of Tahina Under Sail

Tahina Under Sail BequiaAs mentioned in yesterday’s post, we went for a sail yesterday to make some fresh water with our watermaker. As we were arriving back to Bequia, a guy in a rubber dinghy started taking photos of us under sail. This is a professional photographer, with who later comes to your boat and offers to sell you his photos if you like the results.

Seven years ago, when we arrived in Bequia on our previous boat, we later regretted that we chose not to pay the rather pricey amounts for the photos. It’s surprisingly hard to arrange for good photos of yourself with your boat under sail. So, this time we bit the bullet (nearly $200 US), and bought the package. Check out the results here (click on the option below to view them full-sized).

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  1. Fred Burke says:

    You guys are looking good, all tan and happy. The photographer did a really nice job.

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