Short Visit in Mustique

Macaroni Beach, MustiqueWe arrived on Monday evening in Mustique. This is a very exclusive private island which is home to many rich and famous lucky enough to have one of the <100 custom homes on the island. They also allow boats to visit and have a few beautiful public beaches and restaurants.

Karen and I went to dinner at the famous Basil’s Bar and Restaurant out over the water on the first evening. Very nice, excellent food. We were here 7 years ago with our daughters and were fortunate to attend when they had a swedish magician. Even the waiter we had remembered the magician.

Yesterday we went to my favorite beach in the Caribbean – Macaroni Beach. I took a 360 panorama I’ll put up someday of the beach. The beach was once the subject of a “Where in the World” contest in the Google Earth newsletter. Read more about the island on their official web site.

My laptop is not working now. So, I’m anxious to have the new one I’ve acquired delivered. It’ll be at least a week I think. I may not have access to my panorama software until I get the new machine and recover the applications I had on the laptop.

UPDATE: Here are some photos of the visit to Mustique including photos of Macaroni Beach:

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And, here is a 360 panorama of Macaroni Beach:

Macaroni Beach, Mustique – St. Vincent and the Grenadines in Grenadines
We’re leaving today for the Tobago Cays.

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