Tahina Expedition in Ocean Layer of Google Earth

Screenshot of Google Earth with Ocean Expedition LayerYears ago, when I first downloaded Google Earth, one of my dreams was to have our sailing trip be visible to anyone who downloaded the program. That dream has come true! When Google added the Ocean to Google Earth with the release of 5.0 last year, they included a special layer for following ocean expeditions. Now, you can follow the Tahina Expedition as part of the layer. A special thanks to our partner Google for helping make this happen!

To find us in Google Earth, simply open Google Earth and turn on the Ocean layer. Under that layer are several sub-layers including Ocean Expeditions. Turn it on and a bunch of icons will appear all over the world’s oceans. Look for the larger icon in the NW Atlantic and click on it. You should see a window appear which lists expeditions in those waters. Right at the top, you’ll see “Tahina Expedition“. Select it and it will load placemarks showing our blog entries, and connection lines between each post. Click on the image above for a larger screenshot.

Of course, you can still follow us in even more detail by going to our Tahina Expedition Map.

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3 Responses to Tahina Expedition in Ocean Layer of Google Earth

  1. fjk says:

    That is what im waiting for. Not this ocasional released kml’s. It should be in real time 🙂

  2. fjk says:

    Sorry. This is not what im waiting for. This layer is only few straight lines 🙁 Im think that they include all detailed track and images…

  3. Jason Hoch says:

    great to see you out there Frank, congrats!

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