Underwater Pictures from Dive in Bequia

Trying to catch up on some important events from the past couple of weeks. Shortly after the new year, I went on a scuba dive with Mark, the skipper from s/v Northfork. We went with Dive Bequia – one of the dive shops here. They picked us up at our boats with our equipment. We got our equipment together as the boat took us to the dive site. We ended up diving for about an hour on a nice reef along a ridge in a bay on the western end of the island. It had lots of lively coral and sea life. Depths were between 30-70 feet. We saw many unique fish including both a baby and adult spotted drum, scorpion fish, flounder, lobster, eels, and more. I also took a number of video clips (which will take me even longer to process). Here are a few of the best photos from the dive:

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