Aruba Part II

Photo of Oranjestad, Aruba from the mast of Tahina at the Renaissance MarinaOur friends Andy and Aliza arrived on Tuesday for some fun in the sun and a taste of living on Tahina. Since North Carolina has been having an unusually cold winter, they are really loving the warm weather down here. On Tuesday evening, we sat at anchor just south of the main port in the most convenient anchorage in Aruba. We had a really nice sunset since there was dust in the sky from the winds. We found out that evening it can be fun to watch all the ship activity here. We watched a cruise ship depart just a couple hundred meters behind us. And lots of cargo and tanker vessels at anchor just a few miles southwest.

On Wednesday we relaxed a bit in the morning and then just before lunch took Tahina for a sail north. We were looking at the other potential anchorages. There are some nice beaches and hotels all along the coast here. Lots of water sports in the main area north of Oranjestad. We had to watch out for wind surfers, sailboats, fishing boats, parasailors, kitesurfers, etc. We eventually found a nice spot that has lots of snorkeling boats. The snorkeling was ok, but most of the coral was dead. The fish were plentiful, but obviously people have been hand feeding them (part of the reason for the coral dying). But, our guests enjoyed the views.

We sailed back later in the day and motored by the 3 cruise ships in port back to the main anchorage. We decided to go out for dinner and a movie. We got to try some local seafood at a place called Driftwood Seafood, which was really good.

Thursday we relaxed all morning on the boat. Andy and Aliza spent some time soaking up some sun and improving their tan. In the afternoon, we went shopping on shore, got ice cream, and enjoyed seeing the town. We had a nice dinner on board and another beautiful sunset. I got to spend some time setting up the new Nexus One smart phone Andy had brought with him. Google was kind enough to provide me with an evaluation unit. Lots of nice features, and I’ve been downloading some handy applications from their marketplace. We watched a movie while charging up the boat batteries.

Today we’re doing an island tour. Andy and I will be doing some photography during the tour (he’s a real shutterbug). I’ll have lots of photos to process in the coming week.

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