Aruba Part III – Jeep Tour Plus

Google Earth view of Jeep Tour GPS track in ArubaWe’ve had a wonderful time with Andy and Aliza here in Aruba. On Friday we took a “half-day” jeep tour (that actually turned into most of the day). We left the boat at 9 AM and got picked up at the hotel near the dinghy dock. Then, after signing the standard waiver of all liabilities, our group loaded up into three Landrover jeeps. Our group consisted of one couple from Richmond, Virginia (Matt and Sarah – Matt drove our jeep), the four of us all from Raleigh, NC, and a couple from Oriental, North Carolina! Amazing that we all came together in Aruba! We all had a great time together – ours was the best jeep group.

We started with our tour guide – whose name is Ivo and is a local Aruban with diamond-covered teeth – taking us to his favorite beach on the north side of the island. Next we went to the lighthouse on the northern tip. Then, to the very nice little chapel on the NE side with outdoor seating. Next Ivo took us on a tour of some nice houses (a real estate tour?). Then we were on dirt roads along the eastern, windward, side of the island where the rugged coastline is beautiful. We also visited an ostrich farm where we had lunch.

Along the eastern coast we saw waves crashing along the shore, a natural bridge (called “Son of a Bridge” – they used to have a bigger one, that unfortunately broke down in a storm surge recently. Fortunately, they had a smaller backup!), donkeys, a goldsmith building that was also a fort (to protect from pirate attacks), a cave (where we saw bats), wind generators, kite surfing, and a visit to Baby Beach on the SW tip of the island.

You can see pictures of the entire jeep tour, plus some other photos showing us eating at a restaurant, Tahina at anchor, raising anchor to move to the marina, and more. Check out the entire album here:

View full-sized with descriptions

You can view the entire trip GPS track, along with the geotagged photos, with this file file in Google Earth.

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2 Responses to Aruba Part III – Jeep Tour Plus

  1. Jan Warm says:

    Your shots are amazing! You definitely captured the Aruba that I know and Love! More, please! 🙂

  2. Fred Burke says:

    Hey ya all, Looks like you are having a great time there. I thought you had to have a special tripod to take the 360s, but from the photo of you doing it must just be a special mount that you can add to any tripod.
    Favorites: Colorful church. Up close. Nice kiss! Good looking foursome. Pole dancing.
    Take care,

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