Aruba Part IV – Carnival Parade and 360 Panorama

Carnival parade in Aruba - Valentine's Day 2010On Sunday, our friends Andy and Aliza prepared to catch a flight. We moved to the marina the day before so they would have an easier time getting luggage off the boat and going to the airport. We also took advantage of the amenities of the hotel (as marina guests) and went to their private island beaches (see photos from yesterday’s post). Sunday was not only Valentine’s Day, but also the last day of Carnival here in Aruba. They had a big parade coming right between the hotel and the marina. Around lunchtime we went for a walk down the street lined with booths for people to wait all day for the parade. Some of the booths were dressed up like fixed floats, others had all the comforts of home (couches, chairs, lights, bar, etc.). Many of the booths are sponsored by local businesses. The parade starts several miles away and lasts several hours.

Andy and Aliza left at 2 PM and took a taxi to the start of the parade. They managed to get a good glimpse thanks to a cooperative taxi driver. They caught their flight and got home with only one piece of luggage going errant (but, later retrieved).

Meanwhile, Karen and I waited in the comfort of Tahina for the parade to reach our area. Around 4 PM we went to the balcony pool above the street, along with a lot of other hotel guests, and took lots of pictures. I’ve taken a small sample of the 250 photos I took (I also got some video and will process later). Check out the colorful costumes, floats, and interesting spectators here:

View full-sized with descriptions

I’ve also processed the first of several 360 panoramas I took during the jeep tour written about yesterday. This 360 panorama was taken at the Alto Vista Chapel in the northeastern part of Aruba. You can see the tour guide talking to the south, and our jeeps in the parking lot to the west. The chapel has bench seats outside.

Alto-Vista-Chapel-Aruba in Caribbean

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