Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

San Felipe Lookout Tower, Cartagena, ColombiaYesterday we accomplished one of our sightseeing goals here in Cartagena. We wanted to visit the large fortress called Castillo de San Felipe De Barajas. This well-preserved fort overlooks the city of Cartagena and is part of the fortifications including the huge walls which surround the city, and several other forts. The fort was first built in the 1500s and later improved in the 1700s. There are look-out towers on all the corners, tunnels open to tourists let you walk through the fort, there are small cubby-holes along the passages which could have been used to attack soldiers if they had managed to breach the fort, and today there are many scenic views of the modern city.

Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy at the start, so some of the photos do not do the fortress justice. A quick search on Google Images will show you better views.

Here is a slideshow of some of our photos:

View full-sized with descriptions

I also took some 360 panoramas at the fort. Here is one on the SW corner of the highest part of the fort:

Castillo de San Felipe De Barajas in Colombia

After the fort visit, we made arrangements to go to a vaccination office. We needed to add some shots to make sure we are protected against tropical water dangers like Yellow Fever and Hepatitus. We ended up in the commercial district of the city which was a beehive of activity. We couldn’t believe some of the shops selling and repairing hundreds of cell phones, jewelry shops, bakeries, and more. We’ll have to go back when we have more time to look around.

In the evening we went to a local restaurant that caters to the boaters on Wednesday nights. We had a chance to meet some of the other cruisers, but we were both kind of tired and left early. We have been doing research on the San Blas islands as well. One thing for sure, we will be on a “vacation” from normal blogging there. There’s reportedly no internet access in the San Blas islands. We will try to send out a few e-mail posts over our SSB though.

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  1. Beki says:

    Friends of ours recently “did” the canal in the other direction. They wrote about it in Latitude 38.
    I hope that all goes well. Are you sorry to leave San Blas?

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