Good times in Bonaire

Kralendijk, Bonaire from Tahina's mooringAs mentioned in yesterday’s post, we’re having a great time here in Bonaire. We have met up with two other boats: Sunboy from Australia, and A Small Nest from Belgium. Both have kids on board, and cruising kids are always a lot of fun.

I’ve had the VideoRay ROV out two days now and have explored around behind and underneath Tahina. That’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve captured some nice video. I’m working today on copying some of the video taken of the kids swimming around the ROV and giving it to their boats on DVD. It’s a shame good Internet is so hard to find in these islands. It makes it impractical to upload video to YouTube. Although, I find the process of making videos very time consuming, so that adds to the difficulty.

Today we hope to rent a car and do an island tour – including the national park of Bonaire which reportedly has some beautiful sights and wildlife. The park has one of the only breeding grounds of pink flamingos in the Caribbean, iguanas, blow-holes on the sea, and interesting vegitation. There’s a bay on the southeast side of the island that is supposedly the top wind and kite-surfing destinations in the world. And, we’ll do some shopping at a grocery store we heard is good on the other side of the town where we’re moored.

Yesterday afternoon, Karen did some repairs on our spray dodger (some of the threads are breaking apart in the UV of the sun). She also repaired the bosun’s chair that was damaged slightly while I was up the mast last week putting up the jib sail. (I forgot to tell that story, it was kinda scary at the time – I heard a rip as I was being brought down – it turns out I had left the spinnaker halyard attached to one of the straps of the seat and the halyard was still locked as I was coming down – fortunately it was just a join – not the strap itself).

Depending on weather, we’ll leave as early as tomorrow for Curacao. Here are some photos showing the mooring area, the VideoRay ROV we’re using (thanks to our partnership with VideoRay), and a shot of Karen working on our spray dodger:

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