Looking for Crew on Tahina

Picture of our sailing catamaran TahinaWe have some long passages coming on Tahina, and would like to have some additional crew to help us with the sailing. The need for a constant watch 24-hours-a-day is more challenging with only two people on board. When we left North Carolina in November, we had our friend Wilson join us for the 7 day passage to St. Martin.

We have two long passages to consider:

  1. The passage from Panama to the Galapagos Islands – an approximately 7-10 day passage. This passage can have variable winds (mostly light, but also in direction). We would be leaving near the beginning of April for the Galapagos.
  2. From the Galapagos to the French Marquesas – a two to three week passage. Two boats identical to ours completed this passage in 15 days in 2008. This passage can have some variable conditions at the beginning, but is typically a nice downwind (with following seas) ride for most of the days during the time of year we are going. We would be leaving the Galapogos about 10-14 days after we get there. So, approximate departure would be mid-April or closer to the end of April.

Our goal is to have crew who have experience with blue-water passages, and are not prone to sea-sickness. Prior experience crewing with similar passages is a big plus. If you have the time flexibility, and enjoy our company, you would be welcome to stay several days beyond the passage to see the sights at our destinations. These are long passages and everyone has to live together for many days and share responsibilities including sailing, cooking, and cleaning. Read our about page to learn about our backgrounds. Ideally two additional crew would be nice, but we will do fine with one extra crew.

You need some flexibility in your time commitment to crew with us on these passages. We don’t have an exact date yet for departure, or especially arrival (which is somewhat dependent on weather). You will need to have a valid passport and possibly some vaccinations.

Tahina is a beautiful 50′ catamaran with 4 queen-sized staterooms (see photo gallery). We have plenty of room for crew and many comforts including: watermaker, icemaker, fridge/freezer, generator, TV with DVDs, and have at least basic (text-only) E-mail access. We also have a satellite phone when calls or Internet connection needs to be made (costs are high though). Our boat is rigged very well with electric winches, and most lines led to the cockpit. Although, going on deck is rarely a problem since we have plenty of room. We also have a spinnaker to help with the downwind sailing.

You can read about us on our about page. If you are interested in making one of the passages, please contact us by E-mail as soon as possible.

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