New photo content for Aruba

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos today. First we have an album of photos from the passage to Cartagena (which I also added to yesterday’s long write-up about the trip). In this album are photos of our big fish catch!

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Also, I’ve published a very short video clip of one of dozens of clips I took while watching the Carnival Parade in Aruba (see photos from this post):

And finally, here is the last of the 360 panoramas I took during the Aruba Jeep Tour we took which was such a great experience. This one was taken at Wariruri Bay on top of the natural bridge there:

Wariruri Bay, Aruba in Caribbean

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  1. nanag says:

    Okay..I have to admit I have not been impressed by your panoramic pictures UNTIL I just figured out how to look at them (if you ever gave instructions, I missed them) I now am in love with these pictures! I did not realize that all I had to do was click on the picture and get a little arrow that swings me up down and around!yea

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