360 Panoramas from San Blas

The last day we were in the West Holandes Cays was a beautiful clear day. So clear we could clearly see the range of mountains on the mainland 15 miles away. It was a perfect day finally to shoot some 360 panoramas. So, around 7:30 AM I got the gear together and put it in a dry bag, then took it ashore with the dinghy to our favorite island – Acuakargana – and managed to take three 360s while I was there. One on the beach near the pass between the two islands (right next to the dinghy), one directly under a coconut tree on the southeast side of the island, and one on the northeast beach. I think these panoramas do an excellent job of showing you just how beautiful this location was. These are among my favorite 360s so far. The only annoying thing is that my feet keep getting into the picture after processing. Anyway, check them out here (make sure to use the full-screen version for maximum effect – and zoom in as well):

SE beach, West Holandes Cay, San Blas, Panama in Central America

West Holandes Cays, San Blas, Panama in Central America

North Beach of West Holandes Cay, San Blas, Panama in Central America

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