Canal Transit Completed Tahina Now in Pacific Ocean

We celebrated with a bottle of champagne after successfully entering the Pacific Ocean courtesy of the Panama Canal today. We were watched live by many of our friends, family and readers of the blog. We also were followed by a classroom of 4th graders in a school in Jacksonville, Florida (friends of our new crew member Lara). They even sent us a photo of the class watching on a computer screen, and a video of them saying “Hi Tahina” and “Hi Jason and Lara”. We’ll put those up on the blog here soon, along with dozens of screenshots from the canal web cams thanks to lots of blog readers. And, we even have some video clips put together of the web cam shots thanks to David Tryse. We had a great time on the transit, and here are photos of the canal transit:

View full-sized with subtitles

We are thrilled to make it across both continental divides (north and south America, and the center of the Americas. Very cool! Our next major geographical point will be the equator on the way to the Galapagos.

We are anchored in the “La Playita” anchorages outside the Pacific canal harbor entrance. The map position should update soon.

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4 Responses to Canal Transit Completed Tahina Now in Pacific Ocean

  1. Susan says:

    I happened to catch you in the Miraflores lock today too, and like David took screenshots with the goal of making a video. Luckily, David is better on the follow-through than I am! Congratulations on this milestone.

  2. Pete says:

    Congratulations Tahina on your successful transit through the Panama Canal. It is definitely worth a celebration. We enjoyed watching you go through both sets of locks yesterday and today. However, I am now thoroughly confused. I thought I had everything figured out by looking at the layout on Google Earth. It seemed to me that the Centennial Bridge was first, then Gatun Locks, then the lake and finally Miraflores Locks. Today when your blog announced the you were approaching the bridge I became confused because I thought you had passed that point yesterday before entering Gatun Locks. I guess I’ll need to study the geography of Panama more thoroughly because the Google Earth picture does not seem to have things in correct order. Anyway, we’re thrilled that your transit through the canal is complete and we wish Tahina and crew happy and safe sailing on your world tour. Best of luck and fair winds.

  3. Mike Brown says:

    Congrats from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Been following since your preparations back home. Looking forward to your adventures to come… wish I was there. Safe journey.

  4. Shirlee says:

    Congratulations on completing your transit. We have company, so I didn’t get to watch, but I remember how grateful we were for screen captures from the web-cams. Enjoy the Pacific!

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