Fun Day at San Blas

Cruiser gathering at BBQ Island, San Blas, PanamaYesterday was a much better day weather-wise, and we finally got out and did a few things. We had a few breaks in the clouds and had some sunshine, and finally managed to do some photography. We did some exploring by dinghy at nearby islands, and the evening “cook out” with many boats visiting the area was well-attended, and we met many folks there.

Here’s a 360 panorama of the cook-out on BBQ Island:

BBQ Island, San Blas, Panama in Central America

In the early afternoon, David and I got the kite aerial setup out and went to BBQ island and captured the entire island from 250+ feet. Because we didn’t want the kite string caught in the numerous coconut trees, we walked along the edges and even well out into the water to get the kite positioned over the island. Not only that, but we ended up taking the end of the string into the dinghy and maneuvering upwind to get the windward side of the island. The force of the kite was enough to pull us in the dinghy at about one knot if we didn’t use the engine to counter-act it!

Here’s a gallery of photos from the kite shoot:

View full-sized with descriptions

We went to one island to confirm the banana trees we thought we saw there. But, there were some nasty biting sand flies on that island so we left pretty quick. There were no ripe bananas. We then went to another anchorage where we saw s/v Songline – the catamaran we met in Cartagena that is from Australia. They invited on board for a beer and we caught up on each other’s trip to San Blas. We’ve explored about 10 islands so far to some extent, and its been a lot of fun.

In the evening we went to the “cook out”. Only it was really just a finger-food pot-luck – so no substantial food. But, everyone had an enjoyable time meeting one another and comparing notes on boating destinations and stories. David and Edel said there were some “interesting people” there – an attribute often associated with cruising sailors – as well as many other descriptions. ๐Ÿ™‚
Here are some photos from our arrival at San Blas, the gathering at BBQ island, and the beautiful islands and boats:

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until we get to Internet to see the photos (when we get to Colon, Panama on the 15th). But, have no fear, we got a number of photos of the activities.

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