Imagery of Tahina’s Panama Canal Transit

4th grade class watching Tahina in Panama CanalWe had quite a following of people watching our canal transit live through the web cams of the Panama Canal. Thank you to many of you who captured screenshots and sent them to our E-mail. If you captured your own view, and it’s different from those shown here, please send them over and we’ll add yours.

We had a class of 4th graders in Jacksonville, Florida (see photo above and video below) from Hendricks Elementary which watched Tahina’s transit on a computer screen in their class room. The teacher of the class is a friend of our new crew member Jason, and they have been following Jason and Lara on their sailing adventures during the last few months. They also sent us some pictures of the class watching, and a video “hello” to Tahina and Jason and Lara.

Video from the class:

Here is a YouTube video showing a series of screenshots from the live webcams of the Panama Canal. The video shows Tahina rafted next to another catamaran (Tahina is on the right/closest) and you then see Tahina move forward to the next lock. All in the first 15 seconds of the video:

Here is a slideshow of photos of screenshots showing Tahina in the Gatun Locks, at Centennial Bridge, and the Miraflores Locks on the Pacific side. The last shot is the only one we’ve received so far (thanks Paula) showing Tahina when the live cam was zoomed in on us at the last lock. (If anyone has other shots during the zoom, please send them to us).

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  1. Christine says:

    Mom has four close shot of MiraFlores.

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