Perspectives on Visiting Tahina

David and Edel on TahinaOne of the reasons we bought Tahina – a rather large catamaran for two people – was to have the ability to let other people share in parts of our adventure along the way by coming to stay on board. We have invited many friends and family, and recently people to help us crew, to join us on Tahina. Our friends Andy and Aliza were the first to join us in Aruba for a week (read about it in part I, part II, part III, and part IV).

Earlier this month, we met up with another traveling couple named David and Edel who have been traveling around the world for a year via planes, trains, buses, and their feet. They joined us in Cartagena for 10 or so days in San Blas, and over to the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. We really enjoyed having them on board, and they have just published a write-up of their perspectives on visiting Tahina.

We now have two new crew members joining us all the way to Tahiti. We wanted a couple of people to help with the long passages. But, we hoped to also find someone who would share our passion for this mode of travel and would enjoy our experiences. We found a perfect match in Jason and Lara and are already enjoying some amazing experiences (like the transit of the Panama Canal).

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  1. Mudshark says:

    Ah, you are torturing all of us worker bees with these stories of sailing on Tahina!

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