Watch Tahina Through the Panama Canal

Panama Canal Web cam sample[UPDATE 24-MAR 10:30 EST Yesterday we were delayed by 24 hours. We have now been told we are to arrive at the staging area today at 2 PM EST. Look for a new post when we are leaving for the first set of locks – the Gatun Locks. You can watch us on the web cams in the link below. Please take a screenshot if you see our catamaran.]
Tahina is scheduled to appear at an anchorage outside the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal (on the Atlantic side) at 2PM today. (By the way, we got our fourth line handler, so we’re all set!) Sometime after 2PM (it could be several hours) a pilot advisor will come aboard and guide us through the transit. We will then motor to a rendezvous point outside the locks and possibly raft up with two other sailboats. Then we will motor into the locks, have lines tossed to the boat and handlers on shore will tie us into position in the lock. The locks will then fill with water to raise us successively until we are at the lake level on the other side of the locks. We will then most likely anchor in the lake for the night and in the morning motor down to the next set of locks several hours later. Then go through a similar process and step down to the Pacific Ocean.

There are several web cams managed by the Panama Canal Authority allowing you to view boat and ships going through the canal. If you time it right you might see Tahina going through the canal. Please take a screen shot if you see us! We’ll post them on the site later.

I hope to send some e-mails to someone who will post our position on the blog (and our Twitter) with approximate times when we’re near the web cams . So, watch this blog for updates!

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3 Responses to Watch Tahina Through the Panama Canal

  1. Hi, Mr. Taylor! I will be checking your blog frequently for the canal update. I would love to take a screen shot of the Tahina on it’s way through.
    Have fun!
    Gina Graziani
    Technology Facilitator

  2. Callum Prentice says:

    How much does it cost per foot (meter) to transit the canal Frank?

  3. Gabby Abby says:

    You’re in! The webcam is placed to give only a slice of a view into the Gatun Lock and although it seemed to take awhile to get Tahina into the camera angle, it disappeared pretty quickly once the freighter was out of the picture. I think I saw Lara waving at her mom though … (I can wish!) Hope your passage is uneventful and it looks as though you’re making friends in there. Gayl

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