West Holandes Cays

Karen, Edel, and Frank in front of dinghy with Tahina in background - West Holandes Cays, San BlasOur favorite location in San Blas was the West Holandes Cays. We anchored near the two western-most islands which are called Acuakargana and Waisaladup by the Kuna indians. There is a narrow passage between the two islands to the northern side which is shielded by a reef about 500 meters north of the two islands. South of the passage are some excellent reefs and the anchorage. Tahina was anchored just south of the reefs. Close enough to easily swim and even drive the VideoRay ROV to the reef. Yesterday we released a number of underwater photos of the reefs.

We described our initial experience at West Holandes Cays here. Subsequent days there were filled with snorkeling on the reef, exploring by kayak and dinghy, taking photos, reading, watching sunsets, making meals, watching movies, playing games, and reveling in the most wonderful setting of our lives. One early morning, I took the kayak out and explored the very shallow reef waters to the north. While there, I stirred up a large Spotted Eagle Ray and chased him in the shallow waters for a few minutes. An awesome experience we’ll never forget!

Here are some photos of our experiences of West Holandes Cays:

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  1. nanag says:

    I really enjoyed these pictures. The pelican, and the crab were great!!!

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