Tintoreras Park in the Galapagos

Blue footed booby in the GalapagosOn the same day as our dives at Tortuga, we came back to the boat and took a little siesta for a while. We then prepared to go ashore with our dinghy to visit the nearby park called Tintoreras Park (Tintoteras is what they call white tipped sharks). This wasn’t the season when sharks are visible, but there are many other kinds of wildlife to be seen at the island. There is a small dock and lots of water taxis deliver tourists visiting Isla Isabela. We found out later the water taxis do NOT like sailboats to drive their own dinghies over to the island. One came and gave us a big earful of how that was “prohibido!”. Our crew later tried to mollify the taxi people by hiring them to take them to the island. All they did was collect $10 per person and drop them off on the island! That was rather ridiculous…

Anyway, we had a great time visiting this island. The island is made up of lava rock and covered in vegetation and animal life. There were hundreds of marina iguanas all over the island, sometimes piled up by the dozens. We saw sea lions, a heron, crabs, fish, birds, and more. We also drove by a nearby part of the island and saw penguin and blue-footed boobies. We all took many pictures – even as the sun was setting and it was getting dark.

Between the dive earlier in the day, and this visit to the island, we were suddenly felt like we were truly in the Galapagos with a wealth of wildlife and plant life. Check out the photos here (make sure to select the full-sized version):

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  1. Christine Smith says:

    The turtle is just like the one in Nemo!

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