Big Photo Upload for Manihi

Coconut tree in ManihiI have spent the last two days here in Rangiroa gradually processing and uploading our photos from Manihi. The process includes evaluating which photos to share, geotagging the photos, adding descriptions, and then – by far the hardest – uploading them. With slow French Polynesia Internet, the upload process frequently bogs down or breaks.

Anyway, I’m excited to give you a visual taste of the beautiful time we had in Manihi! This is just a small sample of the hundreds of photos we took during our stay. I am listing each of the albums below but you can also read the overview post of our visit to Manihi here (where I will also include links to the photo albums). Make sure you use the “Full Screen” option for best viewing of the photos!

The first album is a compilation of various sights relating to our trip to Manihi. It starts with several photos from our 3.5 day passage to Manihi, the arrival, photos of the anchorage, sights above and below the water, the hotel, and the village. This has lots of beautiful pictures of this beautiful Tuomotus experience.

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The next album includes photos from our snorkeling tour of the Manihi Pass. The water was CRYSTAL clear – so clear it was like you were floating in air over the fish and coral.

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Next a collection of photos from our pearl farm tour in Manihi. This album includes a good photo of Fernando – our Manihi guide, owner of the pearl farm, and friend – and photos of the pearls we found.

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And this final new album includes photos from our second dive (after the night dive) – this time a late afternoon dive of the Manihi pass.

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2 Responses to Big Photo Upload for Manihi

  1. William Brooks says:

    Glad you got the post. I just looked at your photos of Fernando. I suspect his last name was Faura, am I correct? The reason I say that is that he appears the spitting image of Pitori Faura, who was the Chef de Ville at Manihi when we arrived in Dec. 1966. Belonged to the Mormon Church. Was our neighbor and landlord (though he refused to take any rent money for 3 months when I finally got him to take a pittance) and mentor to help a young couple with no tropical island experience fit in, survive (which we did very well thanks to his patience and kindness and that of and the other folks on Manihi, as well), and thrive. Wonderful photos. We look forward to seeing more from Rangiroa and any other atolls you pass. Watch out for Tetiaroa on your last leg to Papeete. I gets one or two yachts a year from folks who relax too soon thinking they’ve got it made. WTBrooks

  2. Doug and Rachel says:

    excellent pics!
    glad you stuck it out and loaded them all-
    ninnernet can be slow here but can’t imagine anywhere else would be faster…

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