Continuing Along

Just a quick update that Tahina is making good speed toward the Marquesas. We’re on our third day of making 200+ miles per day. Yesterday we made 221! If we can keep up this speed we’ll make good time for the Marquesas. There are no guarantees with wind though.

Karen inside sail to make a repairWe had some issues yesterday needing our attention: one of the reef lines chafed through so we had to trim it and reconnect. Lara spotted a hole in the seam of our mainsail. We had to bring down over half the sail to attend to it. Karen crawled inside the sail on the deck and spent an hour stitching from inside (see her inside in the photo).

The crew came through splendidly with the repairs yesterday. We managed to keep sailing – at only a slightly reduced speed – during the repairs. Great work!

Today the winds are already lighter, but we’ve tried to position ourselves so we can still make good speed by sailing closer to the wind. It will mean getting further south, but we can hopefully fall off a bit later when the winds come back.

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  1. Gabby Abby says:

    What a great crew!

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