First Hiva Oa 360 Panorama

I have a lot of catching up to do with photography from the Marquesas. The lack of speedy Internet is really slowing us down. It took me several hours to get the first 360 panorama processed and uploaded over the terrible Internet connection here in Nuku Hiva. Making that even more painful is the $5 per hour charge for the Internet here (unless you buy in bulk – where it is “only” $2 per hour). We are planning to leave today for the Tuamotus. It will be a 3 day trip (at least) with light winds for 500 nautical miles.

Anyway, for today’s post I’m excited to share the first 360 panorama of Hiva Oa. This one shows the main town of Hiva Oa called Atuona. We were walking on the road back to the anchorage and stopped next to a restaurant and curios shop which overlooks the beach park. The views in Atuona are amazing with a huge cloud-enshrouded peak, tropical vegetation in the valley, the beach, and views along the island out to sea and other islands of the Marquesas. They are having a drought at the moment and some of the vegetation is brown around the mountain. Check out all the detail by clicking on the play button (choose “full screen” for a better experience and zoom in to see all the details!):

Near the beach of Atuona, Hiva Oa, French Polynesia in French Polynesia
I use a fish-eye lens and a tripod to take these photos. I have a special tripod mount for the camera from Nodal Ninja which helps me take 6 shots at 60 degree intervals, and I take a shot straight up and straight down to complete the full spherical view of that location. Software from PTGui helps stitch together the images and remove some of the artifacts that don’t belong (like the tripod and me in the original photos).

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