Internet Delays

Unfortunately, each new island we have visited in French Polynesia has set a standard for poorest service. Here in Manihi there are actually three competing hotspots. All of them charge very high rates. And, they charge by the hour! In the Marquesas it would take us hours sometimes just to load web pages. I’m not exaggerating!

Yesterday we went to a lot of trouble to pull up anchor and move to the other side of the island where two of the three WIFI spots were available. We couldn’t connect at all in the other anchorage – it wasn’t near the hotspots. After the move, we logged in and at first it was at least loading a web page or two (still incredibly slow). So, we got up in the middle of the night hoping for better performance. Instead, it doesn’t work at all (WIFI connection, but no pages loading – not even the login page).

Needless to say, we have no idea when we’ll have a connection good enough to upload photos. Thankfully I can at least use the HF radio to send basic E-mails and can get simple blog posts and tweets out (@GoTahina).

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