More 360 Panoramas of the Marquesas

Now that we have slightly more reliable Internet in Rangiroa, I have uploaded more of the 360 panoramas I shot in the Marquesas. These 360 views really give you an immersive experience of what each location looks like. You can look in all directions including straight up and down. I especially recommend the “Full Screen” mode.

First, we have the last 360 I took in Hiva Oa (read more about our visit there). This photo was taken from the breakwall in the anchorage at Taahuku Bay – the port of entry for many boats arriving into French Polynesia. You can see Tahina – the catamaran on the west side of the bay, the line of boats along the breakwall, the gas station, the dinghy dock, and looking out of the bay you can see Traitors Bay. You can also see the huge mountain which overlooks the town of Atuona which is over the hill, but before the mountain. Click the “Play” button to start, and then choose the “Full Screen” mode for the full experience. These are high resolution images – you can zoom in and see much more detail. (Also, see another 360 of HIva Oa here)

Next, we have two 360s from our hike to Vaipo Falls in Nuku Hiva. We first dropped anchor in Daniel’s Bay, which is a delightful anchorage surrounded by huge sheer cliffs – especially on the western side. The highlight was a hike up to Vaipo Falls which is the tallest waterfall in French Polynesia. Due to drought conditions, there was only a trickle of water falling when we got there, but the scenery was amazing. Read more about our time there, and the hike to Vaipo Falls (including a photo album). The first 360 is of the meadow just before the end of the canyon where the waterfall is located. When you move the view around, you will be amazed how sheer and tall the cliffs are! They really were almost directly above you.

And finally, this 360 shows the main pool below the waterfall at the end of the canyon. You can see the boaters we hiked with taking a dip on the nice cool pool. On the other side of the rocks on the far side of the pool are more pools which are at the bottom of the falls. Since the water wasn’t falling, we were able to swim in those really awesome pools carved into the rock. Again, the cliffs were amazingly tall and surrounded us completely (the GPS completely lost its mind since it couldn’t see much of the sky/satellites).

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  1. yahaya says:

    Wow! They look so wonderful, especially the fall. Wish I was there. What a beautiful world we live in. It’s a shame they are rapidly going away under the pretext of modern developement…

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