Now in Rangiroa and Manihi Night Dive Photos

We arrived last night to Rangiroa, the largest atoll in the Tuamotus, after a beautiful spinnaker sail from Manihi. We got up at 3 AM to leave hoping to arrive before dark. But, we had problems with our anchor chain around a rock again. We had to scuba dive to free the chain, and so we didn’t get out until an hour late. Then we had a number of rain squalls in the early morning which slowed us down as well. But, the rest of the day was just a pleasant sail with small seas and light winds. We had a full moon so, and the Rangiroa pass is quite wide. The only issue was the big rip tides with an outflowing tide, but Tahina handled them easily. We were at anchor by 8 PM and on the Internet by 8:30! 🙂
We caught a tuna on the way. It was my fastest catch yet! I saw some birds just in front of Tahina, and again rushed and threw a fishing line in the water. Before I could even set the fishing rod in its holder a fish grabbed the lure! We had it on board a minute later. Now that’s fishing!

Speaking of Internet, we are finally getting some photos uploaded. First, I got a photo album of Nuku Hiva up finally. Re-read this post and check out the photo album there.

And, finally here is the photos from my first night dive with Jason outside the Manihi atoll. The highlight of the dive for us was finding Nemo:

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