Planning for the Tuamotus

Map showing Tuamotus and Niku HivaWe moved 80 miles west from Hiva Oa on Friday night to Nuku Hiva. We have spent several days here working on (very SLOW) Internet, getting provisions, and exploring this island. There are some beautiful places here which we will have to share with you soon. We need to make our way to the beautiful pacific atolls of French Polynesia next. They are about 500 miles south of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. We had intended to leave the Marquesas on Tuesday, but the winds were too light for sailing for the next couple of days. We have done some interesting sightseeing on the southeast side of Nuku Hiva, but haven’t been to the other side of the island. So, we may go to a bay called Anaho on the other side, which reportedly has the most beautiful beach in the Marquesas. It has to compare to the beach we found by dinghy (and Google Earth) in Hiva Oa though. We also have some more tasks to do for Tahina while in the main town of Taiohae: provisioning, more propane, fuel, and Internet stuff.

We had a fantastic time here in Nuku Hiva going to a bay called “Daniel’s Bay” – just a short 5 mile trip west of Taiohae. I will do a separate post on that trip after I get the photos together. We were there along with 15 or so other boats. Our friends on “A Small Nest” were there, as well as new friends on “Elena”, “Quarter Moon”, “Asia”, and a few others. We did an awesome hike to the tallest water fall in French Polynesia while there, and you have to see the pictures to really appreciate it – especially the 360 panoramas. We also had a wonderful beach outing playing with kids on some of the boats including hacky sack, juggling, frisbee, and wakeboarding.

We are really looking forward to the Tuamotus which have fantastic diving and snorkeling, pearl farms, interesting people and cultural interests and beautiful lagoons and motus (small islands in the lagoons). After our 3 day trip, we should have well over two weeks to explore. That’s hardly enough time to get a real feel for the islands, but we will be back to the Tuamotus later for the eclipse. We need to be in Tahiti by June 10th to prepare for the arrival of our friends Gerard and Patti who arrive a couple of days later from the US. We are really looking forward to having them visit, and they will also be bringing a bunch of much needed items and mail with them.

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  1. Fred Burke says:

    These last few posts have been great. It sounds so wonderful there. I can’t wait to see the Island that William’s Yacht Club was on. As for the hacky-sac I’m sure that brought back some memories didn’t it?
    Take care. I’m glad you are all doing well.

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