Festivities from the Rendezvous

Tahiti Sailing RendezvousBelow are just a few photos from the festivities of the 2010 Tahiti Moorea Rendezvous. On Friday night they had us go to the Papeete city hall in Tahiti. We were entertained with drinks, food, dancers, and heard speeches from the Ministry of Tourism, City Hall, and the Tahiti Port Authority. After the race to Moorea, we had a BBQ on the beach and more local dancers. It was a really great time with lots of other boaters who we share a great deal in common. On Sunday, despite some rain that dampened some of the activities, we spent a good portion of the day on the beach doing races (canoe races with local outrigger kayak-like canoes, tug-of-war, and a silly fruit race). We also had a nice local lunch, and had an awards ceremony. Tahina got to be number two on the podium for the sailboat race. And Jason was number one on the podium for the fruit race. They also treated us to the best polynesian dancers yet – complete with fire dancers/eaters as well! I don’t have the photos for the third day prepared yet, check back here later for the rest.

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