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Shooting Kite Aerial Photos in Manihi

On the last day before we left Manihi, the weather was perfect at last to take aerial photos. I’m taking aerial photos of some of the places we visit and our partner Google is putting them into Google Earth (see … Continue reading

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Pictures of Rangiroa

We are in Tahiti now with a slight improvement in Internet connectivity. I was awake at 4AM trying to get better upload speeds before everyone woke up and saturated the net here (ok, I’m usually awake that early anyway since … Continue reading

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In Tahiti Now

We had a nice sail from Tikehau to Tahiti. We left with little to no wind at about 3:30 AM from Tikehau. The seas were very calm. We started picking up some wind in the afternoon, and sailed all night. … Continue reading

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We Discover Ninamu in Tikehau

On Monday I made a trip in the dinghy to a motu in the lagoon that sometimes has manta rays feeding. Although I didn’t see any while there, I did explore the coral reefs and fish, and explored around the … Continue reading

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Exploring the Tikehau Atoll

We have been having a mostly relaxing time in Tikehau. We anchored near the Pearl Resort hotel on the east side of the atoll for a few days. We walked out on the reef at low tide one day and … Continue reading

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Move to Tikehau and a Big Fish

Tikehau is an atoll in French Polynesia just west of Rangiroa. We decided to move from Rangiroa to Tikehau for our final few days before we need to leave for Tahiti. We were told by our friend Fernando in Manihi … Continue reading

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Diving with Sharks in Rangiroa

We dove twice at the Tiputa Pass at Rangiroa during the past two days. This pass is deep, and has a very fast current when the tide is flowing. During both dives we went a little past low tide. There … Continue reading

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Working in Rangiroa

Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the world. It is over 50 miles long and 20 miles wide. We can’t see but a small strip of land from the anchorage near the eastern pass on the norther side of … Continue reading

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